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Welcome to Iris Edge Photography,

This is the place where you can find information and inspiration to help plan the perfect photo shoot.

We are a premiere photography company, our photographers are passionate in providing high quality photographs. We specializes in being unobtrusive. We have a wide and varied photo journalistic style that provides your need, capturing all the smallest details at everything that we photograph.

Creativity is the fundamental key to any successful commercial photography when mixed with a strongly defined shooting style. Commercially it is very important for client to choose a photographer based not only on their obvious technical ability but most importantly on their ‘style’ of work, this has been the main driving force behind all successful photographers for over 100 years and one that is just as important today as it ever was with the age of digital technology. True creativity still exists in the capture and control of light with your subject mixed with a strong creative vision of the world.


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We believe that nobody is ordinary, it’s just the way you see them.


We are a creative team of photographers, who love to uncover people’s story and celebrate it in a photo shoot.




Your photo shoot is booked. You’re terribly excited but suddenly panic sets in – you’ve got nothing to wear!

Relax. From here on, you’ll be teamed up with a Photographer with extensive experience in styling photo shoots. He or she will invite you to a styling call to discuss all your ideas and what you want to get out of your photo shoot. If you wish, you can fire emails back and forth with reference shots that inspire you.



When you arrive at the studio, bag in tow, the first job is that to hang up your wardrobe. This will allow your photographer, hair and makeup artist to look over what you’ve brought in and mix and match items to create a range of complete looks.

This is the chance for you and your photographer to really get to know each other and discuss your photo shoot in more detail. Do you want photos for your website or to use online? Do you want a stunning piece of wall art to hang in your home? Or a private album to keep for yourself and maybe your partner? All this will help to determine the creative styling of the shoot – both in terms of wardrobe and artistry

Everyone has a different idea or taste so always bring what you feel most comfortable wearing because feeling confident and comfortable has a big effect on your final pictures.

chances are you will already have more than enough items buried in your wardrobe to style a unique and timeless photo shoot.



Now that the wardrobe has been decided it’s over to the hair and makeup station! The real transformation begins with a complete makeover by one of our best makeup artists.

Your hair and makeup artist will help you choose from a range of looks to match your outfits. Whether you opt for something fresh and natural or bold and totally out there, you will certainly enjoy this stage of the journey and are likely learn a trick or two!



Your hair and makeup looks fabulous and your photographer comes over to lead you into the studio. At this point you’ll probably be feeling butterflies! I mean, how often do you pose in front of five strangers!?

Take a deep breath and rest assured – your photographer is a real person, not an alien! They will direct you every step of the way, teaching you how to pose and look natural on camera.

There’s no rush. We will take all the time you need to feel comfortable and get those effortless, natural shots. Just like in a full-scale editorial fashion shoot, your photographer will take over 100’s of photos of you. So there will be plenty of good ones to choose from.


Some people love it, some people hate it… For us, retouching is not about making a person more beautiful than they already are – it’s about improving the quality of the photograph by removing unnecessary information.

Does a bra strap, light-stand and flyaway hair really represent who a person is? Writers, painters, film-makers, sculptors – all artists edit their work in the pursuit of perfection. If anything, editing is a reflection of the artist’s imperfections, not the subject’s.


We don’t take cheesy pictures or take anything that resembles tacky. We only take Elegant, Sexy, Beautiful, and Flattering Works of Art.


We work both in studio and on location.



Whether you're an e-commerce retailer, wholesaler or restaurateur, we understand the importance of great product photography and how it improves sales and helps strengthen branding.

Selling products online is pointless without good commercial product photography.

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you want your products and business to look the part and stand out from the crowd then we have the perfect solution for you and your product lines. 

As well as the standard white background e-commerce work we also work on lifestyle photography, food photography, hero shots and utilize various backgrounds and mood lighting.

Whether it be fashion, jewellery, electronics, clothing, food, hardware or home ware, there's no job too big or too small.



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